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The Virtual Test Device

The virtual test device application is intended for all those manually acquired values in the QM lab. This might be values from a friability tester, loss-on-drying, visual inspection indices and many more. The user of this optional application is free to define the kind of the values he likes to be processed by the PH21 virtual test device.

Definition screen of manually
aquired value


typical screen of a
virtual test device

A typical screen layout of a Virtual Test Device. Tolerance violations will be automatically colour-marked upon entry according to the pre-set limits. For each type of value either a single entry will be accepted (Friability, rel. Humidity) or any number of values will be accepted (width and VII / visaual Inspection Index). The values can be processed/analyzed like any other PH21 value (e.g. reported on printed paper, archieved, modified etc.).





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