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PH21 Universal Tablet Tester Application


The Magazine setup window

For testing to take place the tablets to be tested are introduced into the magazine of the tester device and so will their data be entered in the tester application and scheduled for testing. The above window provides the interface for caring out this task.The term 'magazine' refers to the universal tablet tester equiped with a 12-position carousel or with a cassette type magazine. However there are also tablet testers around without any magazines (say: you fill the sample directly into the vibrating feeder) or there are tablet testers with automatic sampling equipment. Either way, the proper procedure is to do a 'magazine setup' to schedule a tablet test.

Scheduling Tablet tests

All the previous screen shots are preliminary preparation for the 'real' task (say: executing tablet tests). Now the real work can start.

Execution of Tablet Tests

So now that you have scheduled a bunch of tests, it's time to let the tester do the work for you.

On the test schedule window(see screenshot above),

  • a test currently running is displayed in red color,
  • a test scheduled (waiting) for testing in displayed in green color,
  • a completed test is displayed in blue color.

Evaluating Tablets Test Results

The statistical numbers and graphs are the intended product of all the testing efforts. Any completed test (or batch, or parts of batches) may be evaluated at any given time (this implies that you have selected the 'Store Results' checkbox at the test type).

The tablet tester application's menu item 'Reports’ is used to evaluate test results.

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for a 'Report of Tests' the report control window(as can been seen above)pops up:

A full report can be downloaded in pdf format here.

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