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PH21 Disintegration Time Tester Application

Sign on at the Virtual Operating Panel

The operator required to sign on, before any work with the system can begin, This a 21 CFR-11 regulation. After successfully signed on, the virtual operating panel of the test device appears on screen.

If an operator is signed on in a tester application, then name and ID. No. will be shown on the caption bar of this tester’s virtual operating panel.The number of stations displayed on this panel correspnd to the number of stations available on the Disintegration Tester.

! Please note that different operators may be signed on in different testers and on the desktop at the same time!

The Test Monitor Window

  • The test monitor window shows the actual status of the running test of the selected station.
  • You schedule a new test and then start the test at the test monitor window.
  • If there is currently no test active, then already executed tests may be displayed.

Menu Bar option ‘Report’


The 'Report disi' window is composed of the following elements:

  • via option ‘Presentation’ you may enable or disable printing of the graphical presentation of the disintegration curves
  • reports may be ‘Output’ directly to printer or printouts may be directed on screen at first from where they may be printed afterwards.

  • batch selection list . A report may be printed for any test previously executed (single test report) or for all of the tests of the selected batch (batch report).
  • the Nominal disintegration time and the Tolerance limits (if specified for this product) are shown which were used when the test had been executed. You may enter other values if you like (and if you have the appropriate access rights).
  • in field Test, all test numbers of the tests already executed for the selected batch will be displayed. Either leave the list alone, then a batch report will be printed including all individual tests executed, or select a particular test and print a report of this single test.